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Mr. Burrell Goes To Washington

The NAPA DC Fly-In Forum met in the nation’s capital to listen to and brief = congressional leaders on the impact and importance of the nation’s workplace retirement plans, and share how proposed laws and regulations might impact American workers’ retirement security.

What TAG’s New 403(b) Offering Means To You

As most of you know, TAG entered the 403(b) space in 2017. What you may not know is how this can help you in your business. It really is simple, the path-setting model that TAG originated in the 401(k) industry is now available across the spectrum in terms of the...

From the Battlefield to the Boardroom

Military Principles Applied to Financial Organizations Remember and Apply the Commander’s Intent I continue to believe that certain aspects of military good order and discipline are extremely applicable to any high-performing organization. The past two years we at TAG...

The Leadership Frontier

When it comes to leadership, there are generally two camps — micromanagement and macromanagement. After briefly touching on these two styles of leadership, I’d like to introduce a 3rd style — one in which I believe works best in most situations; I refer to it as...
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